luni, 4 iulie 2016

Influence of software over sales department

As an independent consulting company we have first of all to be very careful when choosing our clients - yes, I know that this is some kind of luxury, but we have to, due to the fact that in the future we can be associated with that speciffic company, and for instance no one in our industry would want to be associated witha company that is going to be bankrupt or with a company that is going to be out of a very good market, or also to be associated with a company that has gone throug very bad experiences lately.

So... we had to be very careful.

Also, during the last 2-3 years we assumed some risks in taking some very problematic clients, which in fact worked very well for us, as in fact... when you take problematic clients you can also be able to prove yourself - as we increased some businesses that were not going good at all, and we were doing this without letting personnel go, but in fact by improving procedures and adopting new usefull software solutionss

Yes, software can be crucial

We are being very careful in analyzing different software solutions in all the industries, as the software can really make or brake a business, and to give you only one example I can talk about the real estate virtual tours creator software by Tour Wizard which is simply great, and helps a company to sell, while other virtual tour software solutions are not good at all.

So... the influence of software solutions, the quality of those solutions, the features that those software solutions can bring on the table are simply the key of doing better business in our times.

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